Nari Sanjeevani

A product specially designed for Woman, She need most supplement & she is having those types of deficiency in her body.

  • for example calcium, Iron, hemoglobin, she is to face hair fall problem due to those deficiency and also have to survive a natural problem of periods/Menstrual Cycle (M.C.) in that days she get so week she also face pain in abdomen and back bone for all these problems NARI SANJEEVANI is perfect solution for women which is Designed Especially For woman and Nari Sanjeevani also work in weight loss and weight gain.
  • It can also consumed by Teenager also with other products of Superdeals Corporation.
  • It contains Soya Protein, Isolate, Whey protein, Skim milk powder, Ashwagandha Nachani, Haliv, Wheat Grass DHA, Omega 3, Ishine Sugar, MaltoDextrin, FOS Cellulose also contain a Balance Supply of nine essential amino acids. This all ingredient will help her to face those entire problems and should live strong, confident & health life


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